About the authors


Toni Ahonen

Toni Ahonen works as a senior research scientist in the area of Enterprise Asset Management and he joined VTT in 2005. His current research activities tuotta_LThumbinclude digitalization in asset management and the provision of networked industrial services. He has participated numerous Tekes and EU funded projects and industrial assignments that have dealt with developing approaches, methods and tools to support decision-making in the contexts of asset management.


Jyri Hanski

Mr Jyri Hanski has worked as a ResJyriearch Scientist at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland since 2010. He has worked in several jointly funded research projects at VTT. He is also a postgraduate student at Lappeenranta University of Technology. His research interests focus on asset management, digitalisation, climate change adaptation and sustainability issues.

Link to Jyri’s publications.

Anna-Mari Heikkilä

Dr Anna-Mari Heikkilä has worked at VTT since 1998. Her main research activities involve safety and security, risk and vulnerability analysis, quality assuraanna-marince, continuity management, and safety in process plant design. She has been as a project manager in several national and international scientific and customer projects since 1998, and as latest, she has successfully coordinated an EU’s Integration Project called CRISMA – Modelling crisis management for improved action and preparedness. In 2004-2005, she visited the EC/DG-JRC/IPSC carrying out research on vulnerability and integrated risk assessment of critical infrastructures in the EU-25. She is also a board member of the Finnish Association of Protection, Rescue, Security and Safety, and the member of the Finnish Risk Analysis Society.

Jouko Heikkilä

Jouko Heikkilä has worked as a Research Scientist at VTT sinceJoukoHeikkilä 1987. He is specialised in safety management development and especially introducing and developing new ideas within practical risk and safety management framework. He has experience in several national and European research projects as well as practical customer work at wide range of industries (including services). The most recent research topics are assessment of value of safety, management of complex adaptive sociotechnical systems and emerging risks, as well as, gamification.

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Ilkka Karanta

Ilkka Karanta works as a senior scientist in the Risk and Asset Management team at VTT.Ilkka Karanta kuva_2016  He joined VTT in 1994, and has worked in the field of probabilistic risk assessment since 2005. His main research activities involve severe accident analysis, consequence analysis, dynamic PRA, safety and security, and modelling and analysis of projects in dynamic settings. He also has experience in statistical forecasting, operations research and applied artificial intelligence.


Jaana Keränen

Jaana Keränen works as a research scientist in the Risk and asset management team at VTT. She has a long experience on risk assessment in various contexts. jaanaHer prime research interest is related to risk management as a part of decision making. Her recent studies have been focused on preparedness and societal security.




Helena KortelainenHelena

Helena Kortelainen is the research team leader of the Enterprise Asset Management team at VTT. She also has a long experience in leading risk management knowledge centre. In her own research work she is focused in asset related decision making, reliability and maintenance management, and in sustainability considerations. The recent research activities deal with the impacts of industrial internet to asset management practices and the development of asset life cycle services.
Link to Helena´s publication list

Susanna Kunttususanna

Susanna Kunttu works as a research Scientist at VTT in the area of engineering asset management and life cycle management. Her main research interest is on decision support by data analysis. She has worked in several research projects in close co-operation with industrial partners developing practical methods and tools to support their decision-making. Recent research activities deal with multi-criteria decision making, life cycle cost calculations supporting purchase decisions and investment decisions based on risk analysis.

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Marinka Lannemarinka

Dr. Marinka Lanne is a senior scientist at VTT. Her main research fields are service business development and risk management.  The recent research activities deal with risk assessment, service business development in SMEs, customer value and service vulnerability. Lanne obtained her doctoral degree in the area of Industrial Engineering and Management at Tampere University of Technology (TUT) in 2007. The dissertation concerned the role of co-operation in corporate security management. Safety management and corporate security are also familiar research context to her.
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Riitta MolariusIMG_9429_2

Riitta Molarius works as a senior scientist at VTT. Her main research fields cover risk identification and evaluation as well as vulnerability and resilience analysis in the contexts of climate change adaptation, environmental issues and critical infrastructures. She has experience in several national and European research projects as well as practical customer work. Before VTT she has worked at municipalities, voluntary school and regional environmental centre. Her doctoral thesis deals with co-operation of the authorities to prevent technical risks.

Mervi MurtonenMurtonen_2014

Dr. Mervi Murtonen is a senior scientist at VTT, in the team of Business Ecosystems Development. She holds a doctoral degree in Business and Technology Management  from Tampere University of Technology (2013), and her thesis focused on supplier-perceived customer value in business-to-business security services. Her two main research areas are enterprise risk management and service business development.

Minna Nissilä

Minna Nissilä is a senior scientist at VTT´s Risk management team. She has over 20 years of experience in risk manMinna_kuvaagement, process and chemical safety, risk assessment of chemical processes, and in transportation and storage of dangerous substances. She has participated in numerous risk analyses in Finnish process industries and has experience in preparing safety reports for establishments that fall under the requirements of Seveso Directive.


Mika Rautila

Dr. Mika Rautila works as a principal scientist in cyber security at VTT Technical Mika Rautila kuva_2017Research Centre of Finland Ltd. He obtained his doctoral degree in mathematical logic at University of Helsinki in 2000. His main fields of interest include software security and safety, network based security, and intelligent security. Before joining VTT in 2008 he served Stonesoft Oyj as the chief technology officer and member of the management group of the company.

Tony Rosqvist

Dr. Tony Rosqvist is a principal researcher in VTT Technical Research Centre of FTony_imageinland Ltd. He obtained his doctoral degree in the area of Applied Mathematics at Helsinki University of Technology in 2003. His main research fields are risk assessment and decision analysis. He is particularly interested in robust decision-making related to complex and dynamic systems. He has been involved in commissioned research projects related to logistic systems, power plants and manufacturing industries. Recently, he has been involved in the EU-projects CRISMA – ‘Modelling crisis management for improved action and preparedness’, and ToPDAd – ‘Tool-supported policy development for regional adaptation’, which he coordinated.

Link to Tony’s publication list

Teuvo Uusitaloteuvouusitalo

Teuvo Uusitalo is a senior scientist at VTT. The focus of his previous and current research projects is on sustainable value creation, enterprise risk management, business model development, value creation and capture and impact assessment. During his career at VTT, he has participated in several EU, Tekes and industrial funded projects as a research scientist and project coordinator. Currently he is also working in various projects on topics such as circular economy and developing methods and tools to support decision-making. Before joining VTT he worked as project manager at European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, Spain 1998-2001, research scientist at Tampere University of Technology, 1994-1998 and Associate Expert, International Labour Office, Thailand, 1992-1994.

Katri Valkokarikatri

Katri Valkokari works as a principal scientist at VTT in the Business Ecosystems, Value Chains and Foresight research area. Over the past 15 years, she has carried out several development projects concerning different networked business arrangements (ecosystems, networks, partnerships, and firms). She has published several international and national articles in the research areas of business networks, innovation management and sustainability.

Pasi Valkokari

Pasi Valkokari is senior research scientist in Enterprise Asset Managepasiment and he joined VTT in 1999. Present professional experience has been developed in research projects related to enhancement of reliability performance of production lines. His current research activities include the life cycle management of manufacturing industry, industrial service development and asset management approaches supporting circular economy.

Tero Välisalo

Tero Välisalo is a research scientist in Enterprise Asset Management team and has worked Tero_Välisaloat VTT since 1996. He has mostly been working with Finnish machine manufacturers developing and applying safety, reliability and Life Cycle Cost analysis methods into their product development processes. In addition, he has developed methods for network asset management with water utilities, helped environmental authorities with stress testing of mines and has arranged several training sessions for companies on performing safety and reliability analysis with different methods.

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